#THE100DAYPROJECT is a free and open project for anyone who is hungry to jump-start their creative practice, who is curious about being a part of a supportive, nurturing community that celebrates the process, and those who are busy busy busy (🙋🏻) and searching for a bite-sized way to nurture their creativity! Is this you? If so, you’re in the right spot!

✔️ Choose your action (an action you will repeat for 100 days)

✔️ Find a unique hashtag for your project, like #100daysof… (This is very important. Choose your own so that you can have all of your work under one hashtag)

✔️ Announce your project on Instagram with your hashtag and #THE100DAYPROJECT hashtag

🏁 Begin Tuesday, April 19th!

What will you do with 💯 days of making? We can’t wait to see! Please share this post! 🐢

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