July Fourth DIYs


Few things symbolize summer more than July Fourth. Everything about the day is celebratory, from parades and swimming pools to hot dogs, watermelon, and fireworks. Summer is also a great time to take on a few simple DIY projects that can make your celebration all the more spectacular. My friends at Charlotte Today asked me to put together a few ideas to share with their viewers and I think I came up with some fun stuff.

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I admit I sought a little help from Pinterest in coming up with some of these ideas, but instead of searching “Fourth of July” I looked at party decorations in general, and just adapted the great ideas for Fourth of July. This yielded much greater variety of search results than the more narrow “Fourth of July” search would have.

For example, my wreath was adapted from this gorgeous Paper Dahlia Wreath I found at Love, Pomegranate House.


When I found it, I realized it also looked just like fireworks, so I decided to make my own red, white, and blue version. Choose your own colors, follow Talitha’s simple step-by-step, and you’ll have your own cool, spiky wreath in no time! Here’s my finished version:


The other idea I found on Pinterest was the giant Jenga set. This is something I know we’ll play with for years to come. And it was so easy to make! I followed the DIY from A Beautiful Mess, and it came out great. All it needed was some red, white, and blue paint and it was ready for July Fourth!

I needed a total of five 105″ 2x4s. I cut the boards myself at home, but if you asked nicely, I’m sure they would cut them for you at the lumberyard. Here’s a quick time lapse of the cutting:

And here’s the finished stack. Because my kids are always at sleep away camp during Fourth of July, we don’t usually host a party. But I’m excited to bring this with me to our friends’ party.


Do you usually have a Fourth of July party? What do you do to add a personal touch? If you step away from the screen and make some of the decorations or games yourself, I hope you’ll share them with us! Tag them with #stepawayfromthescreen on Instagram, or post them to our Facebook page!

monthly challenge - freedom

Monthly Challenge: July

monthly challenge - freedom

Photo from flickr by The unnamed.

Welcome to July, friends! It’s the month of independence. Canada Day, Independence DayBastille Day (France), and Fiestas Patrias (Peru) are all celebrated this month. And we’re always up for a celebration, right? Heck right!

But here in the USA, over the past few weeks, rights, privileges, and liberties are being discussed in complex and serious ways. The Supreme Court decided same-sex marriage was legal just one week after a gunman killed nine people in a predominantly black church in South Carolina. And both of those events, along with their ripple effects, have consumed us, regardless of which side of the story your beliefs land on. And that is the reason that I have chosen FREEDOM as our monthly challenge for July.

What does freedom mean to you? Have you been impacted — directly or indirectly — by the recent events I mention above? Are there other issues of freedom that are dominating your attention right now? Are you just looking forward to watermelon, bbq, and fireworks on 4th of July? Or is it some complex, human combination of all of those?

Regardless, spend some time thinking about freedom and what it is for you, and use those thoughts to inspire you to step away from the screen and make something this month.

Then share it with us on Instagram by tagging it #SAFTSchallenge, or by posting it in our Facebook group.

Can’t wait to see what you create!

Having trouble coming up with ideas?
As the month goes on, if you’re having trouble coming up with something to make for your monthly challenge, visit our MOTIVATE page where we’ll be providing prompts to get your creativity flowing. And don’t worry. Once you start flexing this muscle more often, it will become easier and easier to come up with something to make. I promise 🙂