Step Away from the Screen and Make Something

I’m launching something new at Upside Up this year, and I’m super nervous about it, y’all. It’s a 365-Day Project, which means I’m planning to post something here every day. Yes — you read that right. Every. Day. And I’ll need you to help me stick to it. Because you may have noticed, I’m hilariously not good about posting regularly.

So what am I doing? I’m giving myself both a design challenge and some much-needed motivation. See, I’ve been feeling for a while that I’ve lost touch with my “maker” side — the part of me that makes stuff. If any of you know me from high school or college, or even my early years in the “real” world, you know me as a person who makes stuff. And that’s what I was for pretty much my whole life. Lately though, with kids, work, and blah blah blah life, it feels as though I’ve ceded that part of me to the “not enough time” cliche. So I’ve come up with a message to motivate me:

Step Away From The Screen and Make Something.

Turn off the computer. The phone. The tv. Get up off the couch. Get out of your desk chair. Get out of bed. And make something. Anything. With your hands.

And for my design challenge, I plan to create a design, every day, of that very message. And maybe by spending a whole year with those words, they will sink in and I’ll find my maker self once more.

And heck, maybe it will even inspire some of you, too.

So that up there is design #1. The first of 365 designs. I would love to hear what you think. And I want to thank you, in advance, for making me stay on task 🙂

Now step away from the screen and go make something!