May Challenge – Tame the Chaos

VanGogh_sunflowersFor anyone involved in school in any way (student, parent, teacher, etc.) May is a month of chaos. Between end-of-year testing, end-of-year picnics, end-of-year teacher gifts, end-of-year goodbyes, and making summer plans, there’s not much time for sitting still. For your challenge this month, spend 10 minutes sitting still, breathing, letting your mind float. Call it meditation, call it focused breathing, call it putting yourself in time out. Whatever you call it, go do it. While you’re there, whatever your mind goes to that doesn’t involve being busy, use that as the basis for a creation.

This could be anything — your cat purring, a neighbor closing a car door, the hum of the air conditioning, a bird song. Anything that your mind lands on while you’re sitting still, let that be the inspiration for this month’s creation.

And as always, share your creations with us on Instagram (tag with #stepawayfromthescreen), Facebook, or link to it in the comments below.

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